Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jumping out of not so perfectly good airplanes.

I arrived to Oahu yesterday without much of a plan besides learning to skydive. Which I felt was plenty plan enough. I have been "planning" this trip for the past few weeks and been very eager to join my friends' ranks in the sky. Upon hitting the ground and grabbing my rental car, I immediately went to the store to grab my usual "new place equipment" toothpaste, razors, pocket knife, stickers to disquiet the rental as a local car and of course a baseball bat. I called all of my friends that I have on Oahu to find some couch surfing accommodations. I lucked out with my friend Chris who lives just outside of Waikiki. I called him to find out where he lived and surprisingly found myself standing outside his apartment already! In true Chris fashion he planned a party for that evening , and we had a good old fashion bonfire on the beach with a 300 ft cliff on one side of us and ocean as far as we could see to the other. After waking up late I rushed off to Aiea, a city near pearl harbor. I met with clarence, my ground school instructor at a chili's restaurant. We spoke for about 3 hours on what the basic skills were while falling out of the sky. The other customers probably wondered of the strange hand signals and body movements that we were doing. After class I headed to the north shore and checked in at the backpackers hostel. As it turns out one of my friends from the big island was working reception there. And in true Gordon fashion he whipped up a party for this evening, and we drank and were merry. Tonight I sleep and get ready for my first AFF jump tomorrow.

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