Saturday, April 16, 2011

Carlin's not Dead!!!

Today I continue ground class with Clarence. Though I thought this the first time, I'm now convinced that he is george carlin in disguise hiding out in Hawaii teaching skydiving. I did my 3 tandem jumps over the past couple of days with only minor hitches. The first jump I lost my goggles and glasses and had a hard time finding the ripcord at pull time, which apparently is important. The instructor passed me though. And I went through the class with Clarence where he told us of all the ways we were going to die.... I'm paying to do this why? Tonight I got back to the hostel and met a fun group of guys that work in waikki at the beachside hostel, and were on a weekend vacation to the north shore. We are now heading across the street to bonfire on the beach and I'm taking my sweet time writing this blog entry but, i'm supposed to bring more beer, so I need to go.

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