Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sacred Moments

Kailua Kona, Hawaii has been in a drought for months. Or I should say, rather, had been in a drought for months. Then I bought a motorcycle. I looked it up.... it has literally rained everyday since I bought my motorcycle 1 month ago. To this I say, "You're welcome Kona".Kailua Kona is a beautiful town. It is country, but just urban enough, by the ocean, where I spend as much time as possible, and an all around good place to be. Good people, Great weather (even when it rains), gorgeous sights and an absolutely beautiful chunk of the Pacific Ocean adhering to it's coast. Doesn't take much time here to agree with me, that this is a one of a kind place on our blue planet. I am Joshua Lambus. I have lived in this magical place for 7 years now, and have very little intention on leaving. I work as a dive master and photographer of all things under and above the water. I've had the fortune to photograph amazing people, places, active lave, and some of the strangest creatures known, and not known to man. I decided to start this blog for many reasons. To educate people of our oceans, to keep family in the know of what I'm doing, as a way to keep my friends updated on what they're missing, but most of all to share some of the most amazing events of my life with the world, as they take place. The first of which has to do with the rain and my motorcycle.
Yesterday night after a long day of work swimming with dolphins during the day, and the manta rays at night, I set off for home. Though it had been raining the manta dive was absolutely wonderful. It quit raining right as we put the boat to bed and started out the door. I road my motorcycle home slowly and deliberately as the wet roads tend to make motorcycle riding a bit more challenging. There is a particularly dark and long stretch of road right after you turn on to the main road from my work. Fog rolled over the road into my path and my my ride even more slow going. As I rode down the road I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye. It quickly swooped into view to reveal itself as an owl. A very large owl. I would estimate it's wingspan to be at least 5ft though very possibly larger. As i rode along it positioned itself just to my right and just a head of the bike about a foot, I presume to hunt by way of my single headlight in the dark. For what seemed like a miniature eternity it stayed there moving at exactly the pace of my motorcycle. We moved motionless in relation to each other and I was nearly mesmerized by what was happening. Never before had I been so close to an owl, let alone one in flight, and for so long. Soon it turned it's head to look me directly in the eye, as to say goodbye, before banking sharply upwards and to the right into the trees, and into the dark. It took me a moment to remember I needed to look ahead of what was oncoming as I rode forward in the dark. The image of that magnificently stoic creature lingered with me long after. I often times feel this way about ocean animals, but rarely about land animals such as this bird. Thus I decided today was as good a time as any to start this blog. So here you have it. Unedited, Uncensored and for all to read. A blog about me. A blog about Life. A blog about our planet. By me for us. Hope you enjoy.