Friday, March 8, 2013


So I've decided to make an active effort at writing more here on the blog. And seeing as how I almost never do, it shouldn't be hard to do it a little more. This past weekends adventure seemed like a good a place as any to start.

If you follow my posts on my other media sites like facebook or twitter, you've undoubtedly seem me walking on a strap between trees, over water, in the sky, and most recently over lava. That's called slacklining. Contrary to it's name a good slacker is anything but. It requires strength, concentration, and some semblance of skill. But occasionally one wants to enjoy the excitement of high ropes, without the skill required by something like slacklining. So alas, a plan was devised.

Now before I go much further in this story I should warn that attempting to recreate this kind of "fun" without the proper knowledge and equipment could prove disastrous.  Hell, doing it with the proper knowledge and equipment could prove disastrous.

Swings are fun. Remember when you were a kid, and the most fun thing in the park was the swing. Trying to see how high you could go, how much air you could get off the launch, how much you could freak yourself out?  Those were the times. And I for one am not done with them yet.

I hate being an adult sometimes; bills, work, schedules, responsibilities. What happened to care free? What happened to never saying, "I have a bad feeling about this." and instead saying, "Let's do this thing"? What happened to wanton disregard and all it's rewards.

That's what this last weekend was about, and I'm glad I got to share it with a few of my good friends. So a few ropes, a bit of chain, and an old abandoned bridge in the middle of the jungle later, I give you: Our Good Time: