Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What goes up.....

My helmet camera's POV from today's crash. Spliced with Ryan's angle as well. Please excuse the foul language.

Hard to tell but this was a pretty hefty leap. When I stand up and turn around you can see the distance I ended up from Ryan and the log. It's also higher than it looks. Note that the log is at head level on Ryan. Darn GoPros never do it justice.

This was my second attempt at this jump. The first one went pretty good, but I slid out on the landing. So I decided to give it another go and clean up that landing. Didn't work. Miss fired on a the take off and couldn't slow down in time to stop before the drop. Needless to say, I didn't try a 3rd time.

But mark my words, scary log jump. I will be back...... and I will conquer you.

This is the new cut trail other Jason was talking about, Jason. Don't do it, it's waayyyy more technical than Pig's Skull trail. This was the only spot we found on it worth checking out in my opinion. We turned around and hiked back up to Jurassic's.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Like riding a bike.....

Mountain biking was at one time one of my favorite pastimes as a teenager. Unfortunately my bike was stolen right before I came to Hawaii and I have not MTB'ed since. Recently there has been a lot of chatter about new trails here on the Big Island among some of my friends. One even offered to let me borrow his bike to come along when they went. The past two weekends have offered new views of Hawaii I have not seen in my 10 years of living here. If you would like beta on these particular trails, please contact me directly.

The first weekend I tagged along with an old friend, and a new acquaintance, to ride some of the Koloko trails. I was hoping I wasn't too rusty and I could barely sleep the night before in anticipation. On the day of the ride I found out "it's just like riding a bike",and it came back to me fairly quickly.  We took Jurassic's, up to Pig head Trail. This route was a technical uphill followed by about 15 minutes of flat out bombing down through jungle. Single track, and twisty, it made for an interesting reintroduction to the sport.

Here is my friend Ryan's video of the Area.

The second weekend, Ryan and I scouted a "new trail". It is actually a public access hiking trail located near Kona. I filmed this one from my Helmet Cam and posted the vid below. This is an arduous uphill with over 2000ft elevation gain. Took us 3 hours to make the top, though we did stop to make a jump and for some general sight seeing. Coming back down was about 20mins of solid riding. Here is the short version with most of the ride highlights in my opinoin. Definitely an area that needs to be revisited. I signed up to volunteer at the park, in hopes to scout more of this area and give back to the trails and land that give us so much. Enjoy the video.